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会员遍布全美50个州和80个国家澳博app来到哥伦比亚特区酒吧! Whether you're working from a virtual office in Singapore or at a firm in the nation's capital, the D.C. Bar offers its members numerous opportunities to enrich careers and uplift the community. 成立于1972年, the D.C. Bar empowers its members to achieve professional success by offering community, value, innovation, service, leadership, and education.

Learn more about the organization with the networking opportunities available as part of the exclusive benefits you receive for being a valued member.

Want to stay up to date with the latest at the Bar? Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube,以及订阅我们的每日澳博app D.C. Bar Legal Brief, which offers tailored news stories from thousands of media outlets for the busy lawyer.


根据第3节.01A(1) of the D.C. Bar Bylaws, "Persons who are sworn into the Bar between July 1 and December 31 shall pay the full amount of the annual license fee. Persons who are sworn in between January 1 and April 30 shall pay one-half the annual license fee." As such, your initial license fee invoice will be billed upon registration based on your original oath/swear-in date for the current fiscal year.

Initial license fees are payable upon receipt of notice and no more than 60 days after to avoid the assessment of late fees. Newly admitted members who fail to submit payment of their initial license fee within 90 days of the invoice will be administratively suspended.

For additional information on the classes of membership available to you and current license fee amounts please click here.


让你的会员资格为你工作! The D.C. Bar offers thousands of dollars in savings through our affinity partnerships. As a valued member of the Bar, you have access to 独家折扣 论法律研究工具, health insurance, 基于云的法律实践管理软件, wellness, and much more!

The D.C. Bar offers free access to Fastcase for Active and Judicial members. 这个独特的好处提供了D.C.解析:选D.C. Bar members in addition to the premium nationwide 在线法律研究数据库 of case law, regulations, and statutes (a $995 value).

Need a quiet place to work, or just want to escape the office for the day? All members can reserve a free private office or cubicle in the 成员连接套件 for up to 24 hours per month, with access to Wi-Fi, printing, and refreshments.


2019年7月,D.C. Bar became the first mandatory bar to offer online order and fulfillment of 良好信誉证明书. 登录您的会员账户 to order and receive your certificate via email today!


Legal Ethics delivers confidential consultative services on ethical issues related to the D.C. 职业行为准则.

The 澳博app援助计划 provides confidential services for those experiencing problems such as substance abuse, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Our 澳博app/客户仲裁委员会 为D提供仲裁服务.C. Bar members and their clients to resolve disputes about legal fees.

The 执业管理谘询服务 helps members optimize their legal practice with one-on-one consultations, free seminars, and content that guides them throughout their careers.


The D.C. 酒吧的获奖 CLE courses 现场可用、在线可用和按需可用. Courses satisfy MCLE requirements in all states with mandatory continuing legal education requirements.

Engaging Content

的印刷和数字订阅 Washington Lawyer magazine provides you with thought-provoking content and tools for your practice. The D.C. Bar also delivers the information you need through a variety of digital communications including Bar Bulletin, a biweekly e-newsletter of Bar news and updates, and Legal Brief, a daily curated email of national and international legal news. You can also connect with us via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


Engage with local attorneys and judges at hundreds of Bar events each year. By 加入社区 在你的法律领域, you also get access to substantive content programs and receptions for practitioners and judicial officers.

Volunteer Service

The D.C. Bar公益中心 provides members with meaningful volunteer opportunities to serve the community, as well as the support and mentoring to be successful. The Pro Bono Center touches the lives of more than 20,000 D.C. 每年的居民, 包括低收入人士, 以社区为基础的非营利组织, 小型企业.


Enhance leadership skills, teamwork, and professionalism by joining three or more of our 20 Communities in specific areas of legal practice (such as litigation, 知识产权, 和政府合同), 通过申请加入一个 澳博app公会常务委员会,或申请参加 约翰·佩顿领导学院.

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